More than just additional revenue

Share your location with brands, expand your product range and reach new target groups.

Apply now and become a part
of our unique network of locations.

After your application, we will check what additional revenue you can expect with tryff and get back to you within 24 hours.

Increase your Revenue

The revenue from the sales in your location will be shared fairly between your company, the brands and us.

No Effort,
No Risk

Thanks to our smart point-of-sale solution, you no longer have to do prefinancing of goods or bookkeeping.

Host great Brands and Products

Expand your assortment regularly with interesting products of trendy brands and complete your offer sensibly.

Reach New Guests

Online brands show their communities where their products are available and lead them to your location. Thus, you get new visitors to your location.

Simply sell through our app. 

We provide you with our app and a stylish card reader for free. The tryff app is directly connected to the shops of the brands. This allows you to sell goods stored in your location but also to order products and have them delivered to your customers. At the end of the month, you send your earnings to your bank account.

Give unique products
a new home.

Share your location with handpicked brands and create additional revenue with each sale.