Turn your online shop
into a brick&mortar chain.

Place and sell your products in unique local shops out of your online shop. Flawless, thanks to our Retail-as-a-Service platform.

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We bring your brand with Retail-as-a-Service in

Spots and Stocks

Tryff enables you to exhibit and stock your products in unique local shops. Articles that are not stocked on-site can be ordered from the staff through our application. Thus, you can fulfill the order. 

Enthusiast Staff

Our matchmaking guarantees that your products will be placed only in locations that love your brand. This will change the way location owners and their staff promote your products.

Customer Relationship

Thanks to our Retail-as-a-Service platform your brand owns the customer relationship as well as the customer data, because you sell D2C.

Offline Payment Solution

Thanks to our smart point-of-sale solution, all transactions from in-store sales will be directly transferred to your bank account. 

Just like online,
but offline. 

Our smart point-of-sale solution synchronizes with your existing online-shop-system and shows all orders as you are used to. Offline sales will be set as new paid and fulfilled orders. Locations can also order shipments to customers. In that case, we set a new paid order, which you can fulfill through your regular process. 

By the way: This allows you to own the customer relationship because your brand is selling. 

We bring your brand in unique locations. 

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